Careers In Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is a holistic practice of old times which is used for healing of health problems and body relaxation. At the basic level of massage therapy, it is a process of using structured or unstructured force, motion, vibration and stress to the body. Different types of massage concentrate on particular parts of the body or heal certain diseases. Massage therapists apply their fingers, hands, elbows and forearms to create the preferred results. According to the category of massage, a therapist can use a few tools for example stones as massage professionals are increasing rapidly, so their opportunities in the career of massage therapist are also increasing exponentially.

If you also want to run your own business as a massage therapist, then you should go for a massage therapy course that contains basic business programs. Though it won’t include everything that is required for you to know it will guide you through the basic concepts and right direction. With every massage therapy certificates, you will get enough knowledge to carry out a wide variety of massage practices. You can also utilize the learning as a stepping stone to become specialist in a certain sort of massage or increase your awareness into a new region, for example, hypnotherapy.

Following are a few massage therapy programs that you can opt to become a successful massage therapist:

Diploma in Massage Therapy

This program is used to prepare individuals to offer relief and better health and comfort to the clients using the application of manual procedures for manipulating muscles, skin, and linked tissues. This program includes sports massage; instruction in Western (Swedish) massage; trigger point/my therapy massage; deep tissue massage; myo facial release, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, massage safety.

Panchakarma Chikitsa

This program is organized for body detoxification, herbal oil massage, purification kriyas, Nasya, Shirodhara, acupressure, mud therapy, aromatherapy, magnet therapy, color therapy etc. These exercises are also taught which are according to personal requirements.

Massage Therapy Certification

This program includes herbal oil massage, acupressure massage, vacuum massage, Swedish massage, Nero massage, Thai massage, fat loss/ inch loss massage, mud massage, toning & firming massages. Your job prospects as massage therapists are vast, so you need to put your sights high! So, here is the list of some ideas about these fields where massage therapists can work in:

1. Resorts or Cruise Ships

You might be a travel lover or the eagerness to go out and travel and see the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to select one either your career or your dream of traveling as you can do both. Yes, it’s right.  Indulge in your craving to travel while going your job to support yourself. There’s a total hospitality industry which is all about luxury housing in interesting locations, and those services approximately always have spas!

2. Sports Therapy Clinic

Are you interested in sports, athleticism and athletes? Possibly you’re relatively active yourself? In that case, you should consider working in a sports therapy health center. You’ll team up with other experts for example physiotherapists, chiropractors, or perhaps even work in a gym or recreational facility.

3. Spa

This is generally the ‘traditional’ work atmosphere that people imagine when they depict about a profession in massage. Spas and salons are typically well-maintained and upscale. Clients visit there to be treated and they are habitually happy and thankful for your services. Moreover, you’ll possibly work in a group of massage estheticians, therapists, etc. At a reorganized spa you’ll have a lot of companionship with your team. Don’t overlook there are bonuses too; you’ll possibly get free access to spa services or discounts!

4. Be Self-Employed

If you’re entrepreneurial, business savvy, and you have good financial awareness and business skills, then you could run your own massage business. If you make enough clients, then you can also rent a studio or work from home. We know it is difficult, but if you can do so, you are going to be your boss.

5. Holistic Wellness Center

If you’re fascinated with holistic wellbeing, health, and complementary medicine, then you can work in a Holistic Wellness Center. Clients often visit in these centers to be revitalized, grounded and relaxed. Enjoy being a professional in a society of like-minded people who share your excitement for wellness and health.

So these were the massage therapy programs and career opportunities you can choose from. All the best for your bright future ahead!