Emi Suganuma- Germany

Did my Training in July 2019 and I am so happy I was able to learn from Shantam, in one of my favorite places in India, Bhagsu, Dharamshala in a pretty intense course with only 1 other student. He is a teacher but he never stops learning too and you can feel that. He has a special character and is quite unique, but has a big heart after all and he gave me a lot of confidence with my touch. “Massage is not about techniques, it is about the touch and how much you can stay in yourself, meditative”

I will never forget his words and am still trying to apply. I am also starting to work with massage slowly! For sure I will go to see Shantam and hopefully keep on studying and practicing massage with shantam.
Massage-exchanges in future please, Ji! 🙂

For everyone who is considering going for a course with him, I’d suggest having a chat with shantam first and/or meet in person. Connection to the teacher is so important and precious! That’s why I chose to learn with Shantam.