Massage Training in Rishikesh

Massage Training in Rishikesh 2

Massage Training School in Rishikesh

Are you living or traveling in Rishikesh and looking for a Massage Training School in Rishikesh? Do you want to start your career as a massage professional? Then there are a lot of massage therapy schools in Rishikesh which helps you to join the best training programs. Meditative Touch is one of India’s leading massage training Schools with its branches at Goa, Dharamsala, and Rishikesh. At our massage training center in Rishikesh, India, you will learn quality massage courses. 

Massage is the treatment of external and deeper coating of connective tissue and muscle by a variety of techniques, to improve function, help in the curing process, and reduce muscle response activity, slow down motor-neuron excitability, support well-being, and relaxation. Massage therapy is done through the hands, elbows, fingers, forearm, knees, or feet. In specific settings massage therapy it includes the customer to be laying on a massage table, lying on the floor on a mat, or sitting in a massage chair to be treated. Massage therapy can either be partially or fully clothed or unclothed.

Presently, Meditative Touch has established itself as the leading massage training institute in India offering a variety of massage courses. The massage therapy school has been shaping the future of those who wish to develop or enhance their careers as massage professionals through its massage certified programs.

As people have started to accept the benefits of massage therapy and recognize the need for the healing touch of massage therapists, this field has been a growing need for trained massage therapist and professionals in this field. Now it is a raising profession with a bright future for the educated and trained professional massage therapists. Massage therapies these days are considered as one of the best ways to treat many emotional and physical problems.

With the advancement in technology, health-related issues are also increasing. Technology has also changed our lifestyle due to which we are less focused on self-work. With all these facilities, we more likely to get in the grip of health issues. To cure these problems, massage therapies are considered the best ways. In massage therapy, the patients have to go through specific settings, and the massage therapists offer the service as per their requirements and health problems. 

If you believe that this profession is the most suitable for you and want to be entering this promising field, our massage academy in Rishikesh India will teach you everything you need to know to get started. We offer a comprehensive set of massage therapy programs. Shantam, a well-skilled and a trained massage therapist is here to guide you through the program. 

This informative and instructive 11 days / 70-hours intensive massage therapy course in the most renowned yoga capital city Rishikesh, North India will give you an excellent grounding in the principles of Massage therapy.  During these 11 days, we ask for your full dedication and participation. With the help of our devoted teacher, you will be out on the path of a transformation and self-discovery that you will undoubtedly influence your future clients.

Our massage training is setting a new standard of educational excellence in the Massage Therapy profession. The institute’s unique massage training curriculum provides students with leading-edge practical information in massage therapy and the knowledge they must have to become professional massage therapists.

The best part of the massage training school in Rishikesh India at Meditative Touch is that you do not need any practice or prior knowledge in this field. This course is entirely for beginners as well as helps them gain professional expertise in a meaningful way.

The core concept of Meditative Touch Rebalancing is based on the cardinal three dimensions of our human life.

  • The physical being
  • The emotional self
  • The energetic element

You can register for all of these courses online at We hold Training courses as per availability and demand. The best of all it is possible to do these courses anywhere in India or even abroad if you organize your training or group. You can also host or arrange your group as well to ask Shantam to hold Training in your country or city. We update our websites regularly with different schedules and dates of the Meditative Touch Rebalancing training courses and massage workshops.

We are going to announce the next massage training course soon in Rishikesh.

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