Nandkishore Sharma- India

Three years ago, one of my friends gave me a massage session, and I felt great after it. I had chronic pain in my left shoulder blade, and it was healed. So I was curious to know more about the kind of massage he does. He recommended me the name of Shantam and told me to take a massage session with him. Then another friend of mine said to me that he also heard about Shantam and his Therapeutic Massage Training and also recommended me to do the course with him.
Then I contacted Shantam and participated in Meditative Touch Rebalancing Massage/Bodywork training from Dec 1 to Dec 11, 2018.
During the training, Shantam was more like a friend to me than like a trainer. He helped entirely in my new journey of awareness and taught me how to connect with myself and the client on whom I am giving the message.
He taught me to work on the body as well as emotions, and how to work with the Myofascial Release and much more.
I am feeling very grateful, thankful, and healed for the work I did on myself and other people.
Thanks, dear Shantam. ❤