Massage Training Course in Dharamsala, India

Massage Training Course in Dharamsala, India, has its charm. Set amidst the striking Himachal range of the Himalayas, Dharamsala is a quiet little power center. Nevertheless, do not think that Dharamsala only inspires the mystic monks from Tibet or the ancient Rishis in India. The Massage Course Dharamsala bears testimony that the location plays a central role in enhancing the impact of the training and individual expertise. The pristine locale and its virgin beauty also help students rein in the negative forces and embrace the positive all around them holistically and comprehensively.

Meditative Touch Professional Massage Training Course in Dharamsala, India. We are one of the only massage training schools in India that integrates concepts of meditative and yogic philosophy and meditation, with modern western tools of Myofascial Release, Core integration, and Conscious Meditative Touch. Soft Tissue and Deep Tissue works aim to bring stability to our essential nature. We work on Fascia Release and fascia manipulation, opening the blockages with attaining a rebalance using conscious movements with hands, fingers, knuckles, fist, forearm, and elbow. In our massage technique, we work on the Soft Tissues, Deep Tissues, Deep Core Muscles, and Abdominal Organs. This kind of bodywork can release holdings patterns and establish balance in mind and emotions and possibilities to relieve traumas and pains.
This massage training in India aims to make you proficient in relaxing and comforting wholesome massage sessions.

This therapeutic massage training is a complete course intended to teach and prepare you to work confidently and efficiently to the full body massage and use our different bodywork techniques to open and relax the receivers.
This 11 days training is complete by itself. There are no unnecessary levels and the course to complete after it. It will provide you the skills to successfully give full-body sessions of Meditative Touch rebalancing bodywork to anyone.
At the end of the massage training course, you will receive a Certificate.


Advantages of Massage Training in Dharamsala


The massage training in Dharamsala, India, is also about embracing an alternative lifestyle. Far from the maddening crowd, this sleepy little town is replete with natural beauty and riches.
It offers participants or students the right training ground for a comprehensive learning experience. Whatever be the challenges, the environment provides just the right solution to overcome these with ease.
Dharamsala is also very well connected by road, rail, and air transport facilities. It means wherever you may be in the world, Dharamsala’s massage training experience is never too far away from you. You are simply a flight away or as now as the bus takes to reach you.


Training Course

The massage course in Dharamsala, India, is a balanced combination of theoretical lessons and practical experiences. It seeks to develop enlightened souls who can spread the message of happiness and healing across the world.
This course offers individuals the opportunity to master the healing techniques and learn how to use the science behind the massage technique to help the healthy living. There are various options for beginners as well as professionals. This ensures that the training is comprehensive, and the impact of it stays for long.
Most importantly, Dharamsala’s massage training aims to help students understand their own body and appreciate the force that powers it. It adds more mettle to the training experiences and makes more and more students undergo rigorous training.


Course Inspiration

Meditative Touch Rebalancing is formed by Shantam, a dedicated massage therapist persevering to bring in better communication channels and enhance the importance of massage therapy. His in-depth experience inspires this massage course in Dharamsala.
He teaches Myofascial Release Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and other various techniques in his massage training.
He has deftly incorporated these life-altering experiences with techniques used for energy healing. It provides the ultimate body and vibrancy to his bodywork techniques. It continually works to deepen the overall healing experience. This technique operates at multiple levels, subtly and silently. As a result, the beneficiary experiences a refined wellness therapy that seeks to address even their inner blocks.


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So log on to our website and book your seat for the Dharamsala experience today. You can choose a training module as per the time you can devote. The mystic environs of Dharamsala add their unique charm to your overall training facility.


Upcoming Massage Training Courses In Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.


18 May to 28 May 2024Bhagsunag, Dharamkot, Dharamsala (H.P)52000 INR
(580 EUROS approx.)
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15 June to 25 June 2024Bhagsunag, Dharamkot, Dharamsala (H.P)52000 INR
(580 EUROS approx.)
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15 May to 25 May 2025
Bhagsunag, Dharamkot, Dharamsala (H.P)52000 INR
(580 EUROS approx.)
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12 June to 22 June 2025Bhagsunag, Dharamkot, Dharamsala (H.P)52000 INR
(580 EUROS approx.)
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