Best Massage Therapy Schools and Programs

Massage Therapy

Do you want to learn about massage therapy? Do you want to start your career as a massage therapist? Then searching for best massage therapy programs and schools is often an initial step. To do so many of us collect information regarding various massage therapy programs, attend an orientation or open house, audit a class, read catalogs or interview former students. There are hundred schools and programs available for training as massage therapists. Some institutions offer only the basic techniques whereas others offer the students in physiology, anatomy and Swedish massage practices. Many schools also offer aromatherapy, foot reflexology, diet and nutrition. So let’s have a look at top massage therapy programs and schools. Following the list of schools located in India:

  • Maharshi Ayurvedic Clinic, Tilak Road, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Himveda, Dharamsala, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
  • Origin Holistic Health, Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Aurobindo Nature Care & Yoga Ashram, Sadayandikuppam Road, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu
  • Accu Care, Patna, Bihar
  • Pristine Sources, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Sjinning Queen Massage Spa, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Kerala Mancheril Ayurveda, Mayur Vihar Phase-3, Delhi

Once you’re clear about massage therapy schools and institutes now it’s time to go ahead and explore the massage therapy programs you can pick from:

Diploma in Massage Therapy (D.Mas. T.)

This program specialized to prepare the individuals to offer better well-being and health to the clients through the various techniques for influence well-being skin, muscles, along with connective tissues. This program includes instruction in sports massage; Swedish massage; trigger point/myotherapy massage; deep tissue massage; myofascial release; reflexology; cranio-sacral therapy; massage safety as well as emergency management; practice management; client counseling; professional ethics and standards and applicable regulations.

Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (D.A.T.)

Acupressure is an art of lessening health problems and a method of cure and prevention of illness. In acupressure, the better health maintained and gained by regulating the negatives and the positives of the course of the body fluids and the vital force. The influences organ set right to work in synchronization with the whole body and the other organs. Acupressure also has analgesic and pain relieving effects. Eventually, homeostasis of the body acquired by the treatment of the diseases as well as setting different organs and body parts to work in synchronization with another.

Diploma in Sujok Therapy (D.S.T.)

Sujok is a word Korea which means feet and hands and Sujok acupuncture belongs to acupuncture via acupoints on the feet and the hands. Sujok acupuncture has changed the performance of traditional acupuncture by creating the therapy very easy and equally helpful. The opinion behind the new remedy is accurately similar to that of traditional acupuncture. But, the needles applied in sujok acupressure a lot smaller as compared to the needles which used in traditional acupuncture. The needles inserted apparently on the feet/palms at very slight deepness. The therapy not only easy but also very convenient for both the therapist and the patients.

Diploma in Magnet Therapy (D.M.T.)

Magnet therapy is both an art and a science. This therapy like magnetism is similar to electricity as well as its application is a skill because it includes the collection of magnets of special strength. It is a method of healing, which includes a huge field of therapeutics and can reduce almost all practical defects of the different parts working in our body. Magnet therapy is about principles and natural laws and is not a miracle or magic.

Diploma in Yoga Therapy (D.Y.T.)

Yoga practiced with therapeutic objectives as a method of changing both the mind and the body. Along with classical texts, the majority of the issues in our well being come from a condition of ignorance of what and who we are. With this program, the students will know about Yoga, particularly its importance and practices. This therapy leads the students to understand the human body and the techniques to maintain the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance of the patients.

So, here is the list of massage therapy programs and schools which you can choose for your bright future ahead. Choose the best alternative as per your requirements and preferences. Wish you all the best to shine like a star in the world of a massage therapist.