Debra Ridout- U.K.

I was running a yoga retreat and had a little time after it finished.
I looked online for a meditation training, and my search brought up Meditative Touch Massage Training. I am a massage therapist, and my practice had reached a level and had become a little predictable. I inquired and arranged to come to Arambol to take the course.
Sometimes the universe works to give you what you need. The course has been amazing. I will so miss our spiritual discussions and Shantam’s humor.
The training was very thorough, and English is spoken beautifully understandable. Now I have more knowledge of emotions stored in the body and has enhanced my understanding of fascia in the body. I have managed to learn so many new massage techniques, and my fingers have got a lot of strength in these ten days.
I would thoroughly recommend this course and Shantam’s love for the body and energy. The techniques are all about using your body weight and protecting and caring your self with fewer efforts.