Anna Milchenkova- UAE

Massage is like art. It’s a dance of your energy in such a beautiful way to heal the body and soul of another person. Massage is a responsibility to let another person feel alive again. Massage, it’s a way to forget about your troubles or fears. Massage is a pleasure to know and feel your body better and more profound. Massage, it’s a blissful touch, but we need to choose the right person carefully to let you get this experience. My teacher Shantam is one of those people who can be your good friend, your healer, your masseur, your teacher, and spiritual guider in one face. I was fortunate to attend a training with him in 70 hours in unforgettable GOA. These two weeks completely changed my life and even the way of seeing my life and my passion for massage. Shantam helped me to find the balance between my inner peace and myself during the teaching sessions. I learned that my Breathing is so important as well in achieving the best result with my clients. I learned from him that in any profession you need to start from loving and caring yourself first. Love is an energy, and you can share it purely only if it’s alive inside you. Thank you, my dear teacher, for all your techniques, knowledge, patience, love and desire to share all these with people who are willing to transform. Thanks for sharing all these gifts of beautiful experience to other people.