Marieke Joling-Netherlands

One month ago, I joined the Meditative Touch massage course with Shantam. Wauw!! I feel so rich that I met him as a beautiful soul. For me, everything was there in training. An outstanding balance between experiencing, meditating, technic, giving massage, anatomy, and coaching on my present. After the training gave sessions and after those massages, people are saying: ‘you must be tired after giving two hours massage.’ Then I hear the voice of Shantam in my mind: ‘life is easy, the easiest way is the best way.’ And that is what I do now in the massages I give. It must be easy for me, and oh my God, I enjoy so much giving the massage in this way. I don’t feel tired at all and do feel a lot of energy. Thank you, Shantam, a lot!!! I recommend this training to everybody that loves to give massage and want to connect on different levels beyond all the stories we carry with us. Touch can say so much more than words… Thank you.