Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course duration?

The course is 11 days long in duration. We start at 10 am and finish around 5.00 or 5.30 pm. <with 90 minutes of lunch break.

How much is the course/training fee?

The training/course fee is INR 52000  (575 Euros approximately) in total.

Why does this training appear expensive to me?

The reason for the higher cost is that we intentionally keep the number of students limited. This ensures that you receive highly personalized attention, allowing you to grasp the correct teachings and strokes. Additionally, we focus on guiding you in maintaining the right posture during massage sessions, ensuring you don’t feel fatigued. Our commitment to a smaller class size contributes to a more effective and comfortable learning experience.

What is included in the training?

  • You will get all the training materials and the Manual of Meditative Touch Massage Training,
  • Bottle water to drink during all the time of the training course.
  • Massage Oil and Fresh sheets.
  • Professional massage table to use during the practice of massage.

How can I book Meditative Touch Therapeutic Massage Training? 

Please fill out the registration form, choose a date, and place for your training. This training will be available for a small number of students on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve your seat on this course, we would require an initial payment of INR 12000 or more as a booking fee. Before that, your place will not be reserved for training. Rest of the amount you can pay on arrival or before training starts. Once we receive your booking amount, we will confirm your place.

Is it a residential course? Or Do accommodation and food are included in the training fee?

No, this fee is only for training. No accommodation or food is included. Every person has their own choice of food and lodging, so you are free to choose accordingly. But we can help you to find or book a decent room or accommodation nearby according to your need or demands, and it will not be expensive as we know this place very well.

For Example, you can get a clean nice non-a room with an attached bathroom starting from 700 INR ( 8 Euros approximately)

Is it a certified course/ training?

Yes, on the last day of training, you will receive 11 days 70-hour certificate of participation in our massage training course.

Do I need prior knowledge to join this training course?

No, no prior knowledge is required for this training. We start with the basics and progress to the therapist level. During the first five days, you will be taught the basics of meditative touch, enabling you to deliver excellent Meditative Touch Rebalancing Massage. The next five days will cover advanced techniques for deep fascia release to relieve your client from deep pain. It should be noted that my previous trainings have been for students with no massage/bodywork experience, as well as those with years of experience in the field. In both cases, participants left the training feeling content and satisfied. 

Do I get a job placement after finishing the training?

Sorry, but NO, like any other institute, we are here to train you in massage/bodywork. We don’t promise any job placement. Because first of all, mostly our students come from abroad to learn with us and they don’t need any job placement. But we guarantee that you will never regret joining this training because we will provide you with the best knowledge of bodywork/massage so that you can get a job or work anywhere in this field, this is our experience with our previous students.



You can use ‘WISE’ (formerly TransferWise).
How to make wise payments:

Sign up at

· Set your bank currency.
· In the box- ‘Recipient Gets‘ turn the currency to INR 12000 (Indian National Rupees).

OPTION 2: For Indian Residents having an Indian Bank account.
Please pay 12000 INR to our Bank account to reserve your space in the course. You can do a direct bank Transfer. you can use any UPI or Bank Transfer app.

1. To pay the remaining fees we recommend paying in Cash. If it’s not possible for any reason, you can also use a bank transfer. When you pay in Cash you avoid the heavy service charges by banks.
2. For making online payments, then please let us know and we will send a Payment request by Email with the amount to be paid.
3. If you are paying by then use the instructions above to make the reaming payment. Ask us if you have any confusion about using
4. You can also use any other Online Money Transfer Services that you are comfortable with.
Note: We mandate the entire fees to be paid. Any charges that the Money Transferring Service Provider takes, will have to be paid by you.

We request you to make all the fees payable before the beginning of the course. Students who have not paid the full payment by the second day of the course will not be allowed to continue the training.


1. Students who haven’t paid the booking fee will be automatically deleted from the student list even if you have submitted the booking form.

2. Please note that we book the seats according to “first come first served” based therefore, only paying the booking fee right after the application gives you a warranty to block the seat for you.

3. Booking fee is a part of the whole fee.

4. Once we have received the booking fees, we will mail you the confirmation of your enrolment.

5. You are being informed in advance so kindly make arrangements accordingly to be able to make the payment on the first day of the course.

Return And Refund Policy:

· If you cannot come to our course after paying the booking fee and let us know at least 30 days before training starts then you can use this same deposit for a future course at Meditative Touch within two years.

· Booking fee is part of the full course fee. It cannot be used on behalf of another participant applying for the same course.

· No Refunds, Credits, OR Transfers are available on Cancellation within one week of the course date, During or after the starting date.

please mail us if you have any questions about our policies and we will be happy to share with you the necessity.

Cancellation from our side:

If we cancel a training or workshop at Meditative Touch in the unlikely event or rare situation of an Accident, Death, or other unexpected events (Covid situation) then we will offer alternative dates or refund 100% of your payment after deductions of nominal bank charges incurred in transferring the money back to you. Meditative Touch is not to be held liable for flight or any other spending at the student’s end.

P.S. Up to this point, we haven’t canceled any of our training sessions.

Other Terms & Conditions

1. Please inform the teacher if you have any injury or illness that is relevant to mention before the course begins.

2. You will observe and respect the guidelines of the school and not create a disturbance in the teaching process.

3. Meditative Touch is not taking responsibility for injury or illness during or after the course.

4. As a student you take responsibility for yourself to stay healthy and trouble-free. It’s suggested to take a rest and study in your free time.

5. We advise that all students who are traveling to India have comprehensive travel & medical insurance for the duration of the trip.