About Shantam

Shantam´s name means Peace in Sanskrit and was given to him by his master when he started his spiritual journey. He was born in the north of India and later came to Pune to live and meditate in Osho meditation center where he deepened his practices and discovered bodywork as a tool to touch and heal others lives. 

Shantam is a dedicated and qualified massage therapist with six years of experience in Tibetan deep tissue, myofascial release, and other various techniques. He has incorporated his experience with energy healing into his bodywork to deepen his healing work and act on more subtle levels. In doing so, clients experience that he has the ability to reach beyond the physical body, space where deeper and more long lasting healing can take place. 

Passionate about sharing, he is confident that when you give you receive back and that is why he found bodywork such a miraculous way of touching others life. 

Shantam is a multi-style massage therapist, meditation teacher and has a diploma in hypnotherapy as well, so he has an excellent knowledge about the mind and how its command and related to the body. In his massage courses groups, he helps his students to teach and share all these principles that how to work on energy levels and how to find a balance so mind and body can be in deep relaxation. 


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