5 Health Benefits of Tibetan Massage

Tibetan Massage Training India

What is Tibetan Massage?

Massage is well-known as a great traditional medicine for healing various diseases. Tibetan massage is one of the prominent and traditional body massages for health benefits. Tibetan customary massage is recognized as Kunye. It has long been a practice of Tibetan natives in keeping their health with the help of traditional massage remedy. Tibetan massage is one of the oldest standardized healing systems of the world.

The practices used in Tibetan therapy are related to procedures used in other massages. The psychoanalyst will also make use of a deep circular activity to acupuncture spots. Tibetan massage is frequently used to cure menstrual disorders, headaches, lumbar pain, and constipation. It is also well-known to improve sleep, metabolism, mood, and appetite. It is a dynamic and effective healing skill presented in the traditional texts of Tibetan medication. Standard Kunye Massage improves long life and general health. The outcomes of massage are comprehensive, benefitting the entire of our physical systems as well as promoting homeostasis.

Tibetan medicine initiates with the foundation that we have invented with the use of five basic ingredients: earth, fire, water, space, and wind. Tibetan massage is mostly concerned with getting the wind components into stability. A Tibetan massage trainer achieves these with the help of techniques which are extremely similar to lots of other Western and Eastern modalities, which includes:

  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Remedial massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki

This holistic technique of massage replicates the Tibetan therapeutic system, which analysis the body as not only physical but spiritual and energetic also.

Benefits of Tibetan Massage

Following are the top five health benefits of Tibetan Massage to our health system:

1. Prolong life

No doubt, this massage is helpful to extend the age of a person. During the full body massage practices, most of our body parts get the profit directly through it. In addition, massage also smoothes the blood circulation to make the body healthier. With a healthy body, anybody will possibly have a longer life. This is the most excellent part of the massage. If practices carefully, it heals aches and pains for example migraines, headaches, upper and lower backaches, and neck pain.

2. Firm muscles relax

It is definite that while practicing a massage, the firm muscles will turn out to be weak once more. This is very helpful for those peoples who become very tired following all day actions, to return a vibrant and fresh feeling to them. After a stressful and tiring day, a foot massage is a relaxing and soothing way to calm down. Reflexology and massage of about 5 to 10 minutes earlier than going to bed can advance feelings of wellbeing.

 3. Stimulates blood flow

Tibetan massage can help the blood flow to go smoothly, because while massaged our many parts which are touched directly during the massage help expand the blood vessels. Regular blood flow makes the people well again. Because of a sedentary standard of living, we don’t make use of the feet muscles accurately and put on tight footwear; this entire process hampers the blood flow of feet. Daily 10 minutes of foot massage is very helpful in bringing oxygen to the cells of the body, which is necessary for general health.

4. Smooth digestion

Another profit that can be acquired by doing Tibetan massage is digestion can become smooth with it. When the massage is practiced some nerve points motivate digestion routine to be better.

5. Helps treat sleep problems

Many people suffer from sleep problem which is also known as insomnia. Tibetan massage can treat this sleep problem for health benefits. Thus, this massage can build the body more relaxed so that sleep value can increase. The perfect time to perform foot massage is earlier than going to sleep. A relaxing and soothing foot massage advances the blood flow. It is very helpful to get a stress free sleep.

So, after all, this is clear that Tibetan massage is very helpful for our body in many ways; going for this massage in daily routine can help you to stay healthy, improve blood circulation and live a long life. Let this ancient massage become a part of your daily life and guide others too.