Natascha Heller

I had a massage with Shantam, and it was definitely not an ordinary massage, it was more than I expected. The two hours were a journey through my body, but even more through my emotional world. It wasn’t clear to me, that I collected over the last years many emotions in my body, which became trigger points. The special breathing and massage brought me deeper to the points on which I have to work further on. I laughed and I cried in between these hours, but in the end I felt light and more in balance with myself than before. So I decided to come again. The second massage, it was more emotional intensive than the first, I could really feel the combination of massage, energy healing and meditation. Shantam helped me by solving some emotional problems, and he supported me as well by my personal spiritual journey, which is still going further on. Thanks to Shantam I really could feel that I’m connected to everything around me. His massage was balm for my body and my soul. I’m sure that by these massages some emotional blockages have dissolved and in the end I felt only love for myself and others. So I will definitely come again, when I’m back in India.