Jenni Buizer- Netherlands

testimonial-Jenni Buizer

Shantam’s massage course was a perfect follow-up for me to another massage course I did previously to his. I love the Mindful Touch Rebalancing technique as it provides both deep relaxations, stretching and deep tissue work. This technique has many tools and possibilities to offer every time-varying massages, making it a widely applicable one. I… Read more “Jenni Buizer- Netherlands”

Iza Wijffels- Netherlands

Meditative Touch Massage Training Goa Iza

I just finished the 10 day (70 hour) Meditative touch- rebalancing massage course Shantam offers in Arambol, Goa! I have learned about Ayurvedic massage in the past, which is a more gentle relaxing kind of practice, but still didn’t feel the confidence I needed to start out as a masseuse. Within these ten days Shantam… Read more “Iza Wijffels- Netherlands”

Anna Milchenkova- UAE


Massage is like art. It’s a dance of your energy in such a beautiful way to heal the body and soul of another person. Massage is a responsibility to let another person feel alive again. Massage, it’s a way to forget about your troubles or fears. Massage is a pleasure to know and feel your… Read more “Anna Milchenkova- UAE”

Nesha Sharma- India

testimonial-Nesha Sharma

The experience of learning therapy with Shantam has been fruitful, learning is very deep. I have been to a various spa in different places and cities while traveling but, the myofascial therapy is worth trying hands-on and helps people to release their stress from every single point from ur body .. he being an amazing… Read more “Nesha Sharma- India”

Lovekaran Randhawa- Canada

meditative touch dharamsala student (

I did 11 days Meditative Touch Therapeutic Massage Course with Shantam in Bhagsunag, Dharamsala. It was a great experience of my life as his massage technique is so deeply healing. Shantam is a great teacher as he gave his best to deliver every little thing, he knows. It was not all about massage it was… Read more “Lovekaran Randhawa- Canada”

Marieke Joling-Netherlands


One month ago, I joined the Meditative Touch massage course with Shantam. Wauw!! I feel so rich that I met him as a beautiful soul. For me, everything was there in training. An outstanding balance between experiencing, meditating, technic, giving massage, anatomy, and coaching on my present. After the training gave sessions and after those… Read more “Marieke Joling-Netherlands”

Candace Garland- U.S.

massage training student2-meditative-touch-goa

I just finished the 10 day meditative touch massage course with Shantam in Arambol, Goa. It was a beautiful and transformative experience and went way beyond anything I could’ve expected. Coming into the training I was really nervous because I had no experience and this was way out of my comfort zone. Shantam’s passion and… Read more “Candace Garland- U.S.”

Matt Julian- UK

massage training student meditative-touch-goa

I recently finished the ten days of massage training with Shantam in Goa, and I am super happy I chose to study with him.
Shantam’s passion and deep knowledge of a number of different massage styles is obvious, and his ability to blend them together means I left the training with a range of… Read more “Matt Julian- UK”

Emi Suganuma- Germany

meditative touch dharamsala student (2)

Did my Training in July 2019 and I am so happy I was able to learn from Shantam, in one of my favorite places in India, Bhagsu, Dharamshala in a pretty intense course with only 1 other student. He is a teacher but he never stops learning too and you can feel that. He has… Read more “Emi Suganuma- Germany”

Gurneet Singh- India

massage training meditative touch

I am blessed and fortunate to take part and get an 11-day training course at Meditative Touch by Shantam. It’s more than a course, it educated me not only with the technical details about human anatomy, muscles, and myofascial details, but also life, the significance of grounding and energy work.
This training has been… Read more “Gurneet Singh- India”

Johanna Gramacho- Germany


I did my massage training with Shantam in Arambol and I enjoyed it a lot! Shantam is a Great teacher, really caring about his students and sharing all his knowledge. I liked his meditative approach of massage- really resonated with me, I learned a lot about myself and my own body too. I would definitely… Read more “Johanna Gramacho- Germany”

Tony Alves- France

testimonial-Tony Alves

(Translated by Google) Very happy to have participated in this very complete training.
In addition to serious and professional training we had very good moments of sharing.
Thank you Shantam 🙏🙏

Maria Re- Germany

maria-re-testimonial-meditative-touch-massage course-goa

The course was awesome, I enjoyed it a lot, it was such a great and amazing experience!
I learned a lot about the body and the massage as a meditative touch and would everybody recommend it!!
The atmosphere was really nice. Shantam was creating such a nice, open, respectful and heartly space that… Read more “Maria Re- Germany”

Nandkishore Sharma- India


Three years ago, one of my friends gave me a massage session, and I felt great after it. I had chronic pain in my left shoulder blade, and it was healed. So I was curious to know more about the kind of massage he does. He recommended me the name of Shantam and told me… Read more “Nandkishore Sharma- India”

Lara Craenmehr

Massage training testimonial lara

What did I think when I went to Shantam? I felt I had to be there!
And that was the best intuition ever! My life changed drastically after this session.
I got the answers I was searching for, for a long time, that nobody else could give me.
So, be courageous enough… Read more “Lara Craenmehr”

Debra Ridout- U.K.

massage training student-meditative-touch-goa

I was running a yoga retreat and had a little time after it finished.
I looked online for a meditation training, and my search brought up Meditative Touch Massage Training. I am a massage therapist, and my practice had reached a level and had become a little predictable. I inquired and arranged to come… Read more “Debra Ridout- U.K.”

Puneet Nahata

Meditative Touch Testimonial Puneet

I was a bit Skeptical first when I heard that Shantam is a great Therapist and masseur and things like that. I thought he is good but that good as people talk it was hard for me to believe. So my apology to him as I sent a friend of mine to have a session… Read more “Puneet Nahata”

Marta Grzelczak-Poland

Massage training with Shantam on Goa was an amazing experience for me. A lot of knowledge, a lot of practice, beautiful place, amazing people. Shantam is the real master of his job. It’s good to learn from the best. I am greatful for this beautiful time. And feel ready to give massage to people. ❤️

Sandra Erni- Switzerland

sandra-erni--testimonial-meditative-touch-massage course-goa

This is a brilliant course which I highly recommend. Shantam is very passionate and competent. He teaches in a practical and loving way and shares everything he knows about massage. I estimated his encouraging way and he managed to change my view about massaging in an extremely positive way. I loved the meditative touch of… Read more “Sandra Erni- Switzerland”

Annika De Weerd- NL

Meditative Touch Massage Testimonial

Receiving a massage from Shantam is one thing, receiving a full 10 Days training was just an amazing opportunity to learn all about this deep work. Shantam shares all of his knowledge, which was sometimes overwhelming but extremely interesting and inspiring. He takes time to teach one on one, to make sure you understand and… Read more “Annika De Weerd- NL”

Kasia Klimczewska

Meditative Touch Massage Testimonial Kasia

It’s not a massage, it’s a journey that you embark on together with Shantam the moment you lay on his massage table. Highly recommended and his rebalancing touch will be missed!

John Murray- U.S.

testimonial-John Murray

Highly recommend working with Shantam, his knowledge goes well beyond the mechanical nature of bodywork. The 11-day massage course was practical, intimate, and thorough. Shantam provides a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your own body and the bodies on which you work 🙂 What a profound experience!

Izzy Caravan- Italy

Meditative Touch Testimonial Izzy

The first time I received a massage from Shantam, it was a completely mind-blowing experience.. he reached things that have been untouched for a long time and allowed me to begin a new deep healing process.
Being a massage therapist myself, I really wanted to learn from him and decided to join his massage… Read more “Izzy Caravan- Italy”

Natascha Heller

Meditative Touch Testimonial by Natasha Heller

I had a massage with Shantam, and it was definitely not an ordinary massage, it was more than I expected. The two hours were a journey through my body, but even more through my emotional world. It wasn’t clear to me, that I collected over the last years many emotions in my body, which became… Read more “Natascha Heller”

Hannah Betterton- U.S.

Meditative Touch massage course Testimonial

Before taking the meditative touch rebalancing training I received a few sessions with Shantam which completely altered my perception of how the emotional and physical bodies coexist. I was interested in joining the course to deepen my knowledge base on how to free the body from tension and holding patterns.
Shantam is a highly… Read more “Hannah Betterton- U.S.”