What are the benefits of deep tissue massage to our body?

deep tissue massage

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a technique of massage which is mostly used to cure musculus skeletal issues, for example, sports injuries and strains. Deep tissue massage includes applying nonstop pressure using deep, slow strokes to aim the inner layer of your connective tissues and muscles. This helps to disintegrate scar tissue which is occurred due to an injury and decrease tension in tissue and muscle.

It could also support faster curing by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. Sometimes deep tissue massage technique involves the psychoanalyst by firmer pressure to achieve these key areas as well as get them to let loose, that’s why this massage is regularly recommended to those who are relaxed with a little more deep touch. Following are top benefits of deep tissue massage to the human body:

1. Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

According to a research deep tissue massage includes positive effects on diastolic, systolic and mean readings of arterial blood pressure in grownups with symptoms of high blood pressure and pain. Results confirmed a common systolic pressure lessening of 10.4 mm/Hg, a 5.3 mm/Hg diastolic pressure reduction, a mean 7.0 mm/Hg arterial pressure reduction and an average 10.8 beats per minute heart rate reduction with the help of massage treatment.

2. Treats Chronic Back Pain

In a study, deep tissue massage was compared with the therapeutic massage for the treatment of chronic back pain. The result has shown that deep tissue massage (DTM) is significantly more beneficial in chronic back pain as compared to therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage includes the techniques of friction and tapping, whereas deep tissue massage includes a combination of cross-fiber strokes and lengthening and oblique pressure.

3. Fall apart the Scar Tissue

These massages are regularly used after the injuries to help fall apart newly developed scar tissues which can make healing more complicated and lead to severity. Massage has been made known to help lessen muscle spasms and inflammation by motivating blood flow, releasing up muscles to help for more oxygen as well as helping reduce the automatic stress response of the nervous system. Even self-directed massage can help lessen pain linked with plantar fasciitis along with other injuries.

4. Reduces Muscle Tension, Stress and Anxiety

Irritation caused by muscle tension and chronic stress can direct to aggravate overall health, reduced immune function, longer recovery time along with cardiovascular problems, for example, high blood pressure. Deep massage therapy could help lower the level of cortisol and even improve production of the hormone known as Oxytocin that has soothing effects and relaxes the body. Oxytocin is the major hormone liable for increasing inspiration for cooperative behaviors and sustaining social connections in humans; that’s why it is known as the cuddle hormone. It is also recognized to be released during birth, hugs, from touch and social bonding.

5. Improves Performance and Athletic Recovery

Deep tissue massage is the most beneficial form for athletes which is considered the best sports massage that is frequently performed before athletic actions to help lukewarm the body and avoid injuries or instantly after to progress recovery. It has to turn into the priority of athletic trainers, athletes, sports physiologists and coaches. Deep tissue massages are also helpful to improve lactate consent, muscle fatigue, muscle soreness’s delayed onset, injury treatment and injury prevention. There are psychological profits for athletes practicing massages which can include confidence and improved focus.

6. Help in Delivery and Labor Pain

At present, many pregnant women are going toward complementary/alternative pills to support a natural birthing process and help in control labor pain. In reality, the most frequent alternative therapies suggested throughout pregnancy are chiropractic therapies, massage therapy and acupuncture. Many types of research have shown that deep massage therapy could be useful during pregnancy because of its nervousness-lowering effects, as well as women who get massages during and before labor be liable to experience reduced depression, back and leg and pain, and anxiety. Results from a research found that ladies who joined massages during and before labor had considerably less pain. Also, their time of labor was shorter about three hours and required less medication.


So, the above-mentioned benefits have shown that deep tissue massage is very helpful for human body. It can help in many ways to the patients, pregnant women, players, old-age peoples and many more. So, make it a part of your daily routine and stay healthy and stress-free life.