Annika De Weerd- NL

Receiving a massage from Shantam is one thing, receiving a full 10 Days training was just an amazing opportunity to learn all about this deep work. Shantam shares all of his knowledge, which was sometimes overwhelming but extremely interesting and inspiring. He takes time to teach one on one, to make sure you understand and you’re doing the right thing. Not only the technique but also the effect of the work on certain areas in the body. How to approach your client, how to enjoy what you are doing, and that it’s all about helping the person on the table. To connect and work in your own flow instead of working only from your brain. While staying centered, focused without losing yourself in the client’s body or emotion during the massage. And a serious amount of techniques to give a dozen different sessions. The course is built in a way to prepare you to give a full session of 1,5 hours, with confidence. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and love for what he does make those 10 days an amazing learning experience. Highly recommended for the ones who want to give more than ‘just a massage.’