Hannah Betterton- U.S.

Before taking the meditative touch rebalancing training I received a few sessions with Shantam which completely altered my perception of how the emotional and physical bodies coexist. I was interested in joining the course to deepen my knowledge base on how to free the body from tension and holding patterns.
Shantam is a highly skilled teacher, he provides structure to learn and practice technique daily and allows enough space and encouragement for students to move comfortably at their own pace. It’s clear that his experience has gifted him the ability to truly master the subject and his joy for it is transferred through his teachings.
The course is not only beneficial for those interested in technique and hands-on experience but also for those curious to explore the dimensions of reading the body and for those wishing to heighten their understanding of the connection between myofascial release and the emotional body.
If you are interested in learning the techniques I recommend booking a session with Shantam first in order to experience what it feels like to receive this massage from a highly experienced and intuitive bodyworker. Many thanks X