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If you are interested in learning massage training in India, we can offer you one of the most comprehensive courses. We have created a unique Massage Course in India that seeks to uphold the ancient traditions and adapt to modern necessities.

The Meditative Touch Rebalancing massage is a unique concept that is built on the meditator’s vision of the body. They look at the body as a ‘Vibrating Energy Field and work towards rebalancing through meditative touch. It creates an in-depth understanding of one’s own body and how to stay in synch with one’s being.

This ensures that the participants don’t just grasp the basics very well but also can take forward the training with relative poise and confidence. It helps them create a meaningful learning curve that can also open up an all-new career opportunity.

Basics of Meditative Touch Rebalancing Bodywork/ Massage

The best part of the massage course in India is that you do not need any prior knowledge or experience in this field. This course is entirely for beginners and helps them gain professional expertise in a meaningful way.

The core concept of Meditative Touch Rebalancing is based on the cardinal three dimensions of our human life.

  • The physical being
  • The emotional self
  • The energetic element

This is one unique initiative that aims to marry the oriental and the occidental concepts to achieve this ultimate harmony between the various dimensions. It seeks to connect these different aspects to create ultimate harmony. The body in this new light transforms into a vibrant living being with a mysterious and miraculous ability to transcend beyond the obvious.

So essentially this massage training in India is for anyone who seeks to appreciate the true wisdom of one’s being. Be it emotional vitality, physical vibrancy or a constant flow of positive energy forces, this training course in India empowers you with ultimate professional strength as well.

What does Meditative Touch Rebalancing To Achieve?

When you undertake this massage course in India, it aims to serve multiple objectives.

  • Participants get firsthand knowledge about the different Myofascial blocks
  • They get an in-depth idea of the different meditative and healing techniques.
  • They can achieve better expertise in handling emotional releases.

We offer the participants theory lessons about the fundamental concept that the mind and body are connected. They get full fine line videos of the Meditative Touch bodywork/massage. They gain practical tips about ways to protect themselves and adapt to specific customer requirements. We also provide meditative music and session music. They always enhance the fruition of the meditative bodywork sessions.

Massage Training India: Booking Formalities.

You can register for most of these courses online. They are held as per demand and availability. The best of all it is possible to do these courses anywhere in India or even abroad if you organize your group or training. You can also organize your group and ask Shantam to hold Training in your city or country. We update our websites regularly with varying dates and schedules of the Meditative Touch Rebalancing massage workshops and training courses. 



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