Massage Training In Goa

Meditative Touch Bodywork Massage Training will take place at Arambol, Goa, India

Massage Training in Goa

Goa is undeniably one of the most popular destinations for massage training globally. The massage training in Goa is unique not just in the course computation, but also the experience that this tiny state in India offers.

Goa exemplifies beach life to the core. It is all about being positive, relaxed and shunning negativity. Positivity shines like the golden sun on the Goan beach. It is all about creating a meaningful and life-altering experience that students can take with them. Long after the training is done, you can feel the essence of the massage course in Goa like the saltiness of the sea water on your skin.

Massage Course in Goa

One of the most striking elements of a massage course in Goa is the weather. Be it summer, rains or winter, Goa offers a striking amalgam of cultural ethos and natural beauty in every season. Needless to mention, this undeniably deepens the overall training experience. Students who come from far and wide soak in the intoxicating warmth of Goa like fish to water. It is all about creating experiences that go beyond the realms of classrooms and live in your soul and mind for generations together.

Course Duration

This massage training in Goa is spread out over the 70-hours duration. In other words, the massage course in Goa extends for 10 days. It makes it a hot favorite for many who want to incorporate learning element in their tour to Goa. It creates an opportunity where they can use the experiences for a professionally viable opportunity later on.

The training capsule is created in a way that participants get sufficient time to grasp the basics of Meditative-Touch Bodywork and Myofascial blocks, but at the same time, they also master ways to protect themselves as masseurs. Creating this balance is as crucial as the ultimate meditative touch rebalancing initiative.

Course Objective

The Meditative Touch Bodywork massage is created with the fundamental aim to

  • Create a channel of communication with your own being
  • Understand your body in a distinct manner
  • Identifying the blocks and the various ways to address them
  • Creating the variations in a holistic fashion
  • Identifying the core muscles and their individual roles.

It’s a 10-day massage course which includes:-

  • Knowledge of full bodywork/ massage.
  • A complete manual of Meditative-Touch Bodywork / Massage.
  • Understanding about Myofascial blocks and how to release.
  • Active Meditations and healing techniques that can help you connect to yourself.
  • Core Muscles and their roles in the body.
  • Full fine lines videos of massage/bodywork. (For you to remember and practice)
  • Essential understanding of the theory of mind related to body.
  • How to handle emotional release.
  • How to protect yourself as a bodyworker / masseur.
  • Basic knowledge of body structure that will allow you to work on the specific needs of a client.
  • Meditation music.
  • Session music and lots of fun.

The course is held in English to better the depth of understanding and fulfills most global provisions in terms of offering alternative wellness services. Wherever you may be in the world, you will find the course effective.

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For more details on the massage course in Goa, log onto the booking page on our website. This will offer you information about a complete range of opportunities that you can avail. All you have to do is match your convenience and affordability along with the time that you can spare. After that, as you set foot in Goa, we ensure that you have an unforgettable experience replete with appropriate training, global recognition and ample of field assignments. All of these will empower you to take forward the massage training in a meaningful way.

If you would like to join the training or organize a group in your city or country, contact me for more details.

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