Meditative Touch is a Therapeutic Approach To Achieve Physical , Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Meditative Touch Rebalancing is a meditator's vision of the body as a ‘Vibrating Energy Field.’

In today's modern life most people do not know how to appreciate the wisdom and mystery of their physical, mental body, emotional responses, energy flow, senses, and inner awareness. Without this in-depth knowledge, we live in constant unnecessary tension, pain, worry, fear, doubt, anger, and we disconnect from the pulsating energy flow with vigor, which is our real being.

Meditative Touch Rebalancing was created to affect the three dimensions of human being: physical, energetic, mental/emotional. It brings massage/bodywork to a further level, from a space of mindless Indian meditative approach and using a scientific Western world approach in a single harmony, it is possible to connect these three dimensions. In doing so we are opening the possibility to see the body as a living organism, miraculous and mysterious.

Meditative Touch Rebalancing is for those who desire to follow the wisdom of their bodies and to release blocks/barriers, old patterns that weaken one’s natural potential to live a healthy and joyous life. For those who wish to experience a vigorous body, more freedom, stable energy, aliveness & vitality, and inner harmony.
Massage Instructor Shantum

About Shantam 

Shantam is the director and founder of Meditative Touch Rebalancing. He is a qualified bodywork/ massage therapist, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and master in clinical hypnosis, as well as an experienced teacher, who loves to share all that he has learned in his life journey. 

He has been practicing bodywork for six years, applying different techniques/styles such as Tibetan deep tissue, myofascial release, core integration, Rolfing, rebalancing, joint-mobilisation (Tragering) and assisted Yoga stretches of Ayurvedic / Thai origin. Together with these techniques, his experience with meditation for over 19 years has helped him incorporate his sensitivity and energy healing into his bodywork to deepen his work and act on more subtle levels. In doing so, his clients experience that he can reach beyond the physical body, a space where more profound and long-lasting healing can take place.

Every session is unique as he adapts to the body and condition of the client. Everyone can benefit from his experience, regardless of age and gender. He has worked with pregnant women and also seniors. He thoroughly prepares for each massage session, taking care about the condition of his own body and mind. While in session, he becomes like a “reflection” for the clients so he can feel them better and connect to the parts in need. He admires his clients for their exceptional courage, strength and the willingness to work on themselves.

Through all these years of experience as a multi-style massage therapist, meditation teacher and hypnotherapist, he has gained excellent knowledge about the mind and how it commands the body. In his massage courses groups, he helps his students to learn these principles by teaching how to work on energy levels and how to find a balance so mind and body can be in deep relaxation.

Passionate about sharing, Shantam is confident that when you give you receive back and that is why he finds bodywork such a miraculous way of touching others life. He realizes what the human body is, and how necessary it is to accept what it is saying to us. He considers himself gifted and fortunate to be able to support and assist people on their life journey towards health, blissfulness and be more aware of oneself.

Shantam feels that massage is a prayer because the human body is a temple and he treats it with honor and love. Bringing feeling into the body is essential in working with clients. Body is a micro-cosmos in itself, and its capacities to balance and heal itself are beyond comprehension.