• What did I think when I went to Shantam? I felt I had to be there! And that was the best intuition ever! My life changed drastically after this session. I got the answers I was searching for, for a long time, that nobody else could give me. So, be courageous enough to look into yourself with the guidance of Shantam’s magic hands!
    Lara Craenmehr
  • I was a bit Skeptical first when i heard that Shantam is a great Therapist and masseur and things like that. I thought he is good but that good as people talk it was hard for me to believe. So my apology to him i sent a friend of mine to have a session with him before i decided to go to him or not. I met my friend right after the session and the look on his face and i was wow.. i need the session right now and right here.... I had several session with Shantam and i am very thankful for his depth and his skills with such a sharing a loving heart that eventually he becomes somebody which i can see as a friend and i rarely see such an unconditional giving and i am grateful and thankful for who he is and what he does and how he does.
    Puneet Nahata
    Russia, India
  • Hi, when I meet Shantam I was having a strong back pain after my traveling to Goa . My first words were: I hope you can fix me! I didn’t want the joy of being here to be affected by the pain. So, my expectation was after the massage not to feel physical pain anymore. The reality is that I didn’t get a usual massage, it was more like an unexpected journey through my body. It was like a story and my body was actually talking to me. I have seen happy places, events from my life and remembered memories that I thought are longer forgotten. I felt tension, fear and relieve. I left Goa not only without physical pain but also feeling lighter and happier. Thank you, S!
    Petra Deak
  • My session with Shantam wasn’t just a message but a profound transformation of my physical and emotional well-being. Coming into his place I was feeling much pain and stiffness, and I felt I needed a full adjustment through my body. His treatment was strong, but he did the trick of what I needed; he helped become more open and worked with mussels to truly release physical and emotional stress and trauma. I was having pain in my jaw from tightness and suffering in my feet that went away after seeing him. I have to say it was the deepest and best body treatment I ever had and felt cared for in every way. I felt I could be very open with him and he was very honest about my well-being. So happy I had the chance to meet with him, and give many thanks.
  • Shantam Baba is an Indian original and at the same time he has a very deep western understanding. A wonderful combination to help to simplify western complicated constructed and sometimes confused mind. His massage session is not only a wellness treatment but a great chance to release blockages from body and mind. After his massage session, I feel energetic and re-born. A truly meditative touch.
    Cologne, Germany
  • My treatment with Shantam was beautiful and much more than I expected. He immediately made me feel at ease and very comfortable which is so important with this kind of treatment. He took his time and at no point did I feel rushed. I didn't expect to feel such a deep release, or realise how spiritual the experience would be. His aftercare is also brilliant, he is very caring and checked in with me to see how I was feeling. I would highly recommend Shantam! X
    Alexandra Marshall
  • For as long as I can remember I've been seeking for a professional massage therapist who has the ability to see, feel and, ultimately, support healing beyond the physical realm. Then I met Shantam. With such clarity and presence, he managed to hold a space where I felt supported in letting go of deep stored physical, mental and emotional tension. After my session I felt so much lighter.